Company Profile

Phillips Training Solutions was founded in 2016 by the Managing Director Phillip Krynauw.   The business specializes in training and development of Lifting Equipment Operators, Drivers and related technical training health and safety and more. Phillips Training Solutions subscribes to and implements all legislation pertaining to employee welfare, health and safety, and also to all other statutory and legal requirements in the Republic of South Africa. Phillips Training Solutions  believes that people are the foundation of any healthy company, therefore our aim within the organization is to develop the individual and create a team that will assist the organization in improving its efficiency and productivity, which in turn will create Growth and Wealth.   Our Training staff  have tremendous technical experience in many different industries and have been imparting this vast knowledge and experience as technical trainers, instructors and facilitators over the last few years for various training providers. Phillips Training Solutions  will initially operate mainly in Gauteng and take on projects in other regions as the opportunity arises. It is the aim of the company to eventually expand its services to other regions via the establishment of branches.
Vision Our   vision   is   to   grow   the   business   in   the   services   sector,   to   render   a   professional   service   to   our   clients   and   to   empower   our   employees   in   order   to Grow and create Wealth for all our stakeholders. We aim to be, not just the biggest, but the best.
Mission Our   mission   is   to   provide   service   excellence   to   all   industries   in   South   Africa   and   abroad   ,   to   be   the   best   provider   of   permanent   and   temporary   staff with   the   most   satisfied   customers,   candidates   and   employees.      We   endeavour   to   discover   and   cultivate   a   culture   of   loyalty   and   productivity   in   all   the people   we   deal   with,   and   place   these   employees   within   the   reach   of   our   clients.   Within   the   short   term,   we   have   strive   for   Accreditation   with   TETA   as   a training   provider   and   have   done   it   (17-891),and   to   Accredit   all   our   Training   Programmes.      In   the   longer   term   (5   years)   we   will   strive   towards   expanding our scope of accreditation by adding Training Programmes to our portfolio, and to employ at least five additional assessors
Strategy and Structure of the business Nature of operations. Market   research   and   current   practices   in   the   technical   training   and   safety   industry   has   influenced   the   business   and   the   way   it   operates   in   the marketplace.      The   majority   of   Technical   Training   interventions   such   as   lifting   equipment,   driving   and   health   &   safety,   are   delivered   on   the   site   of the   client,   utilizing   the   equipment   (when   applicable)   and   the   venue   of   the   client.      The   motivation   for   having   chosen   this   operational   system   lies   in the fact that - we   believe   it   is   practical   to   train   and   assess   operators   on   the   equipment   and   in   the   environment   where   they   perform   their   daily responsibilities. It is also more cost-effective for the client to have their training performed on site. The   Assessor   is   able   to   relate   the   learner’s   environment   to   the   context   of   the   program,   creating   a   wider understanding and a higher level of transfer of skills to the workplace.  
From the above it may be deduced that a major portion of our business is done in the corporate environment.  
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