Executive Summary

Description of the Business

The company is a micro business in the training and skills development industry. The business is currently trading as a( Pty)Ltd, and is based in Gauteng. The company is a player in the human resource field, and focuses on lifting equipment operator training and driver training.  The company also provides other training to employers linked to human resources and safety of employees. Management Team The management team consists of one Managing Directors, assisted by an Administrative and Financial Manager. The Managing Directors are subject matter specialist in his field, especially in lifting equipment training, driver training and workplace ems safety   There are adequate skills available in the business to successfully provide the above services to the market. Products and Services Plan The business will be  active in the training and safety services arenas. The business is accredited with the TETA (Transport Education Training Authority)(17-891) The business has noted the opportunities in the market created by the Skills Development Act, and is planning to embark on Skills Programmes and Learnerships subsequent to Accreditation of the business. Training of lifting equipment operators is compulsory as it is legislated in the OHSAct.  This legislation creates a captive market in which the business will trade . The Skills Development Act, and Employment Equity Act has also made provision for the training and development of adult learners and this training can lead to a formal qualification in the NQF. The above legislation creates a need for qualified accredited training organizations. A unique aspect of the business is that it will provide training on the site of the client.  This will result in a material cost-saving for the client as it will eliminate travelling and subsistence cost for employees who need to attend training courses. Marketing Plan The company endeavours to crystalise their mission and culture of customer service into their marketing plan, and has implemented the concept that the ‘right’ product accompanied by excellent customer service is an essential part of their long term strategy. Target Market - The varied products and services offered by the company renders it favourably to service all sectors as well as general industry in Gauteng and other regions.  These clients are operating in sectors such as warehousing, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, government departments, harbours, import and export and the mining industry. The products of the business include - Lifting Operator Training - Driver Training - Safety Related Training The company will manage its clients by recording a comprehensive database of all clients with their relevant contact details. Regular electronic mail containing the services and products of the company, telemarketing and other marketing media will be directed at the client to make it aware of the organization, and to market the products to prospective clients. Accreditation with the TETA will enable the organization to qualify for larger projects and tenders. The organization will network with other training providers in order to attract more business, and become known in the industry. The Managing Directors will be making marketing presentations to clients, introducing the products to the prospective clients, and reinforcing the product qualities with the current clients. The business will place advertorial and adverts in training and development media. Operational Plan It is the intention of the business to ensure that it has sound operational processes in order to deliver training and other products to clients as agreed.  It is also the intention of the company to always render quality products with the correct accreditation requirements (when applicable). It is the intention of the business to retain its accreditation over a period of time and to deliver training in terms of the National Qualifications Framework. The operational and administrative plan of the organization is described in its Admin/Operational Policy and Procedures. The business will implement its accredited quality management system and operationalise it in the business. The purchasing of services and materials will be controlled through the implementation of the financial policies and procedures described in this manual. Qualified Accredited Facilitators and Assessors will be delivering training to the market, in line with NQF standards and Assessment principles, as described in the Assessment and Moderation policies and procedures in this file. The QMS will be reviewed with regular intervals to ensure that quality remains a priority of the business. Financial Plan The company will manage its finances in terms of the Financial Policy and Procedures described in this manual. The business will adhere to the requirements of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) in its financial management and bookkeeping actions.
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